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Arts & Music

Last Updated: 1/8/2022 11:53 PM


Messages from the Art and Music Departments:


Buffalo Elementary School Art Padlet:  Click here to see a SELECTION of student Art assignments completed both "remotely" and "in-person," as well as a SAMPLE of "just-for-fun" art created at home.  Enjoy!
posted 9/24/2021


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The Freeport Area School District Music Department is committed to cultivating an understanding and an appreciation of high quality music, leading students to an advanced level of citizenship. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and fully prepare our students for whatever the future has in store for them.  We recognize that in addition to our role as educators, we have a civic responsibility to enrich the cultural life of our community.


MUSIC DEPARTMENT COVID-19 STATEMENT:   The Freeport Area Music Department follows all mandated guidelines set forth by district, local, and state officials.  Some studies have shown that playing instruments and singing tend to spread aerosols at a greater rate than normal speaking.  Because of this, we encourage the use of face coverings while singing and bell covers/mouth guards on instruments while playing.  Also, when possible, large rehearsal areas will be used to allow for increased distancing between musicians in performance ensembles.   


Freeport Area School District is a NAMM Foundation Best Community for Music Education.



The Freeport Area School District Art Department’s mission is to create a safe and caring atmosphere where students can develop a love of art through authentic, hands-on experiences.  Students will learn to believe in themselves and in their ability to be creative.  Each student will be treated with compassion, respect, and understanding, and will be expected to treat others the same way. We provide assistance to students with special needs, so all students are able to participate in an enriched, hands-on learning environment.  


Click here to view a selection of Buffalo Elementary School student work.


Click below to view this school year's online student art gallery.