• All Freeport Area schools are closed for Summer Break.  Classes will resume on Wednesday, August 21.

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District Overview

Last Updated: 10/22/2019 9:07 PM

In 1969, the political divisions of Freeport, Buffalo and South Buffalo merged to form the Freeport Area School District.  Located along the Allegheny River at the mouth of Buffalo Creek, the Freeport Area School District is situated approximately 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Armstrong and Butler Counties.  Four schools — Freeport Area High School (Grades 9-12), Freeport Area Middle School (Grades 6-8), Buffalo Elementary School (Grades K-5), and South Buffalo Elementary School (Grades K-5) provide for the educational needs of students from the Borough of Freeport, Buffalo Township, and South Buffalo Township.  The area of the District encompasses a 53.4 square mile region approximately ten miles out from Freeport Borough, in north, northeast, and westerly directions.  

The historical development of the District can be traced from its emergence as a river community in the late 1700's as a "free port" for riverboat trade.  Agricultural interests increased during the early 1800's to the development of railroads, mining, and some industry in the 1900's to the present state of agriculture and light industry. 


The region is now largely a bedroom community for those that commute to other areas for employment, with the community connected by the PA Turnpike and PA Route 28 to some of the finest research and educational establishments in Pennsylvania.  The communities that make up the Freeport Area School District provide an exceptional area to raise a family.  Residents of the District enjoy the benefits of living outside the congestion of urban areas but retain convenient access to cultural activities, shopping, and major universities.  The growth of the Northpointe Industrial Park, in South Buffalo Township, provides promise for future expansion of local employment opportunities.  


The educational programs of the District are an outgrowth of the many expressed needs within a rural community that is slowly evolving into a suburban one.  The District's stated mission is to serve as a learning community dedicated to the success of all.  The philosophical basis upon which the program of the Freeport Area School District rests is essentially one that is comprehensive and flexible enough to provide each student with the basic tools, understanding and attitudes to enable him/her to function successfully in our society.


Students in the Freeport Area School District are involved in a variety of activities including interscholastic and youth league sports, school-sponsored and faith-based community service projects, and co-curricular educational programs such as the Governor's School.  The school district's students are recognized annually for contributing countless hours and large amounts of money to local and regional charities.  

Parents in the district have many opportunities to participate in school-based PTO, varsity booster clubs and various volunteer programs.  Parents are also invited to grade level parent orientations early in each school year where they meet their child's teachers as well as district-wide "Meet and Greet" sessions in each building.  Parents are also invited to participate in parent advisory committees for Title I as well as district committees for Act 48 and Strategic Planning.

Freeport Area School District has a total enrollment of approximately 2,000 students. Freeport Area Middle School students are offered a variety of courses and programs, such as French, Spanish, and Industrial Technology Education.  In addition to the regular curriculum, students in Grades 7 and 8 have opportunities to join various clubs, chorus or band and to participate in interscholastic and intramural programs.  The High School offers a progressive secondary program designed to meet the needs of all students.  The curriculum is designed with honors, academic, and business/technology to meet the needs of the students.  Students in Grades 11 and 12 are eligible to attend Lenape Technical School.  The High School also offers many electives in foreign languages, technology/business education, industrial technology, home and consumer science, music, art, and television production. 

South Buffalo Elementary and Buffalo Elementary schools are located in rural settings.  Each elementary school includes Grades K through 5.  Recent additions and renovations have been completed at Buffalo and South Buffalo.  These renovations were completed to meet the increasing student population growth within the district and to upgrade facilities to allow for better technology, safety and learning environments.

Freeport Area students participate in heterogeneous instructional programs at the elementary level.  As the students enter Grade 6, they have an opportunity to take advanced courses in Math and English.  The High School offers AP and honors courses.  Enrichment/Gifted and Special Education classes are available to all students who qualify, throughout the District. Overall, the students in the District score well above the state averages on the PSSA in math, reading, and writing.  To date, the district has met AYP in all sub-categories.

There are currently 137 classroom teachers, nine service coordinators, and eight administrators/supervisory personnel in the district.  Through District professional development and tuition reimbursement programs, the teachers have established an innovative, progressive instructional approach to their own teaching.  Use of instructional technology is encouraged and supported in all classrooms.