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5th grade Math Curriculum

What is the math curriculum?

  • With the adoption of the PA Core Standards, a new text book has been adopted: My Math.


  • There is more of an emphasis placed on critical thinking and problem solving rather than just drill and practice


  • Textbooks are consumable, so students will bring home examples of the day’s lesson in their books.  Each lesson is 4 pages long followed by a 2 page homework assignment consisting of about 10-12 problems.


  • Math journals will be used on a regular basis for problem solving practice.  This work will be done in the classroom rather than homework.


What kind of homework should I expect?


  • Students will follow-up the day’s lesson with a nightly homework assignment.


  • Homework may be a practice book page, problem solving worksheet, review worksheet, resource sheet, etc.


  • Homework is graded for completion rather than accuracy.


  • Please check your child’s assignment for understanding; if he/she does not understand, you may help them, but notify me with a note at the top of their assignment


How can I help my child be successful in math?


  • Please refer to math textbook should questions arise on the homework assignment; they SHOULD bring them home on a nightly basis


  • The math book can be accessed online; each student will be given individual login and password codes once they have been imported in to the system.  Please refer to the letter in the folder for further explanation.


  • Study math facts in an effort to build fluency.  Multiplication facts should be mastered by 5th grade. 



What types of assessments will there be?


  • Quizzes, both announced and unannounced, will be given throughout the chapter


  • Students will complete a graded Chapter Review at the conclusion of each chapter.


  • Students will take a Chapter test at the conclusion of each chapter.  Questions will be multiple choice as well as open-ended. 


  • Homework points will be figured into the student grades at the end of the nine weeks grading period.