• Early Dismissal on Friday, September 29
    High School and Middle School students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Elementary School students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.

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5th Grade Discipline Plan

Mrs. Keibler’s Classroom Discipline Plan


Classroom Rules

  • Follow directions the first time given
  • No talking when Mrs. Keibler or a fellow student is talking
  • Keep materials in their proper places and in the condition you found them
  • Be seated and working on morning work when the 8:50 bell rings
  • Come to class prepared with book, pencil, notebook and other required materials
  • Treat others as you want to be treated


Positive Support


Individual privileges and rewards:

  • Verbal praise
  • Receive stickers for incentive chart

Class-wide rewards:

  • Extra Recess
  • Lunch with Mrs. Keibler
  • Excused from an assignment
  • Popcorn (or other chosen snack) during class

(other rewards may be agreed upon by the class)

Corrective Actions


When a student breaks a rule…

First time:   Warning

Second time:   Stand with a teacher during recess

Third time:  Write a behavior reflection that is at LEAST 5 sentences, have guardian      sign  it, and stand by a teacher at recess

Fourth time: Detention


Severe Clause:  If a student has severe behavior, the student will receive detention immediately, skipping all other steps.  Some examples of severe behavior would be: physical or verbal fighting, destroying property, or defiance.


*Each student will start with a “clean slate” at the beginning of every week