Parent Handbook

Illnesses/Schedule Changes

Please contact the office if your child is ill and you would like work sent to the office to be picked up. Also, please contact the office or write a note if your child is going somewhere other than normally scheduled. Please do not rely on my voicemail or my email to make changes on the same day, as I may not be able to check either before the end of the day.



Your help and support will not only make your child more successful in school this year, but will also instill good study habits that will last a lifetime.

Math homework is assigned daily. Students should be studying their spelling words every night.

Assignments should be manageable for students, therefore, if you find that your child regularly struggles with homework and needs special assistance from you, please let me know.

Your child’s planner needs to be filled out and checked daily. This will help your child stay organized. Please check it at home. Supervise your child’s work, but please do not complete it for him or her.


Missed Work

Missed work is due as soon as possible. Please call before 8:30 to request work sent home. Indicate who to send work home with.


Please refer to PowerSchool to routinely check your child’s grades. If you see an assignment with a “0” beside it or a missing grade, please talk with your child about the missing assignment.


Grading Scale


91-100 A

81-90 B

70-80 C

60-69 D

0-59 F




Please send money in an envelope with student’s first and last name.



Because of our lunch schedule, students may bring a snack into school. Snacks should be healthy, but not messy. Water bottles are permitted and should go home each day. Students are only permitted to eat their snacks during the 9:40-10:40 class.



Please dress for the weather. A note is required to stay inside.


Scholastic Book Club

We will have a book order several times throughout the year. You may order online and enter our class code: HDL4N. Please do not send cash. Checks are the only payment method and they must be made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.


Birthdays or Celebrations

Please let me know in advance if you will be sending a treat to school. Cookie cakes or cakes should be cut PRIOR to sending them to school. Please send in napkins and/or plates. If your child has a summer birthday and he or she would like to celebrate in school, please let me know and we can pick a date.



Fall Conference: November 10th  and 11th

Winter Conference: February 16th  and 17th


PSSA Testing

Please try and refrain from taking trips and scheduling doctor appointments during these dates if you can. Testing is usually from 9-12am each morning.

Math: April 24-28

Science: May 1-5

ELA: April 3-7