Flex takes place several days each week with the schedule varying from one grade level to another.  During Flex, students are placed into groups by their abilities in a particular subject or skill, and teachers complete activities with each group that best meet their needs.  Classroom teachers, as well as Mrs. Rabbitt and myself, work with these students to remediate classroom content for some children and enrich it for others.  

As the RtII Coordinator, it is also my responsibility to analyze data to help determine which students are making progress and which ones need additional support.  All grade level teachers, Mr. Poleski, Mrs. Rabbitt, and I meet three times each year to look at and discuss MAP scores, grades, Dibels scores, and teacher observations.  We use these meetings to determine which students need interventions and which ones need enrichment.  The groups can be changed at any time throughout the year if a student has shown the need for a change by demonstrating improvement or by falling behind.