• This week’s student schedule:  Monday, January 11, through Thursday, January 14, students in Grades K-5 will participate in in-person instruction and students in Grades 6-12 will participate in in-person instruction on a hybrid schedule.  Friday, January 15, will remain an asynchronous instruction day for all students.

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Student Work Permits

Last Updated: 7/14/2020 4:51 PM



(Part-time Employment Only)


COVID-19 Update


While the High School location is closed due to COVID-19, please email the following information to haugh@freeport.k12.pa.us:


  • The color of your child’s eyes and hair  
  • The name and location of the hospital where your child was born
  • A photo of your child's birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license (proof of birthdate)


The High School office staff will then email a completed work permit application form to you for your signature.  Please review the completed form and if the information is correct 1) electronically sign (type your name) at the bottom of the application form, 2) save the completed form, and 3) email the electronically signed form to haugh@freeport.k12.pa.us.


Upon receipt of the signed form, an official work permit will be mailed to your child's home address. 


Please keep the work permit in a safe place and provide a copy of the permit to the employer.  Your child can reuse the same work permit until he/she reaches the age of 18.