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Photographing of Students
Throughout the year, the Freeport Area School District shares information with the public through news releases, slide presentations, videotaping, etc., or through publications such as The Freeporter.  District publications and promotional material (newsletters, website, calendar, etc.) and local newspapers may contain pictures of students from the various schools in the district. If parents DO NOT wish to have their child’s photograph used in any publication or in the media, please submit a written request stating so, to:  Freeport Area School District, School and Student Events Coordinator, PO Drawer C, Freeport, PA 16229.  Parents need to submit a written request each school year. Once received, the request will be kept on file for the remainder of the school year in the school office.

Pre-Approved Excuse Absence Form

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Guest Volunteer Information Packet  
A guest volunteer is a volunteer who comes to a school infrequently and works in the presence of a teacher/administrator when with students. A guest volunteer does not have direct contact with children and is not required to obtain criminal history reports or child abuse clearances.  Examples of a Guest Volunteer include: individuals who volunteer to assist in the planning or conducting of classroom celebrations; non-overnight field trip chaperones; guest speakers; concert/performance ushers and individuals who help manage, officiate or perform functions ancillary to an athletic event or extracurricular activity.  Final determination of a volunteer’s status is the responsibility of the principal or principal’s designee.

Program Volunteer Information Packet
A program volunteer is a volunteer who: 1) works under the general direction and supervision of a teacher or administrator employed by the District; and 2) provides direct services to students or may, from time to time, have or may be reasonably expected to have direct contact with children.  Examples of a Program Volunteer include: volunteer tutors; volunteers who assist on the coaching staff of an athletic team; volunteer athletic trainers or equipment managers (excluding School District students serving in those capacities); overnight field trip chaperones, and choreographers, musicians and other individuals who provide instruction to students in the marching band or school musical.  Information on obtaining the clearances required to qualify as a Program Volunteer is available here.  Final determination of a volunteer’s status is the responsibility of the principal or principal’s designee.