Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process 

Freeport Area School District is a Phase II LEA in the state's e-Strategic Planning Process.  A school improvement plan is not required for this LEA.  A Special Education Plan, approved on April 14, 2016, has been submitted to PDE.  The remaining plans included in the overall Strategic Planning process are: Academic Standards and Assessments Plan, Educational Technology Plan, Professional Education Plan, Student Services Plan, and Teacher Induction Plan.  To complete these plans, Freeport's process included the following:

  • Identification of eSP Administrator. (Program Director)

  • Identification of individual Plan Administrators and Authors.

    • Academic Standards and Assessments Plan (Program Director and Principals)

    • Educational Technology Plan (District Technology Coordinator)

    • Professional Education Plan (Program Director and Principals)

    • Special Education Plan (Director of Special Services)

    • Student Services Plan (Program Director and Director of Special Services)

    • Teacher Induction Plan (Program Director)

  • Training for Plan Administrators and Authors in the eStrategic Planning Process.

  • Formal and Informal Needs Assessments completed and evaluated.

  • Formation of required Plan committees.

  • Review and update of Freeport Area School District's mission statement, vision, shared values, and goals.

  • Individual planning process for each of the above plans.  Special Education plan was submitted to meet PDE deadlines.  An extension was requested to complete the remaining plans.

  • Monitoring and review of plans by eSP Administrator.

  • Presentation of plan to the Freeport Area Board of Directors.

  • Public Review Period.

  • Approval by the Freeport Area School District Board of Directors.

  • Submission of plans for review by PDE.

  • Annual review and updates to plan.  


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