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Kindergarten Screening

The Freeport Area School District conducts a screening program in the month of April for all children entering Kindergarten who meet the age requirements of the district policy.  The screening, DIAL-3, occurs after the child is officially registered to attend Kindergarten. Parents may begin to officially enroll their child beginning February 1 on the District website.  Once a child is enrolled, a screening appointment with the teachers will be scheduled, typically in late April or early May.

During the screening, each child completes a series of tasks at various stations that focus on visual, auditory and motor areas.  In addition, language and other cognitive areas are assessed with the intent of measuring school readiness.  Classroom teachers, principals, physical education teachers, reading specialists, nurses, and speech clinicians may administer the screening program. Information gathered during the screening is used to enable our staff to create classroom environments that help children grow and learn.