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Early Intervention

The IDEA ’97 requires the provision of Free Appropriate Public Education to children with disabilities between three years of age and the district’s age of beginners.  In Pennsylvania, a child between three years of age and the school district’s age of beginners who has a developmental delay or one or more of the physical or mental disabilities listed in the Act may be identified as an “eligible young child.”

Eligible young children are afforded the rights of school-age children with disabilities, including screening, evaluation, individualized education program planning, and provision of appropriate programs and services.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education is responsible for providing programs and services to eligible young children under Act 212 of 1990, The Early Intervention Services System Act.  The ARIN Intermediate Unit provides programs and services to eligible young children on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Early Childhood Education Resources

For more information, contact the ARIN Early Intervention Service Coordinator at (724) 463-5300, ext. 216