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Grade 3  

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The third grade art experience includes, but is not limited to:


-Identifying and using all types of line in artwork - straight, curve, wave, zigzag, swirl, thick, thin, horizontal, and vertical.

-Comparing and contrasting geometric and organic shapes.

-Explaining all knowledge of the color wheel and how it helps us in art.

-Exploring the use of and identifying a focal point in art work.

-Learning how to apply strategies to solve problems as they work.

-Continuing the development of fine motor skills such as coloring, cutting with scissors, and clay modeling.

-Experimenting with 3-D art forms created with different mediums.

-Comparing and contrasting the differences in modeling clay and real clay for ceramics.

-Identifying the steps and vocabulary involved in creating pottery and ceramic works of art.


Third Grade Art Classes:

Mrs. O'Shell - Days 1 & 6

Mrs. Brestensky - Days 2 & 4

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