Tuesday, March 31

Good morning, Buffalo Families!


I hope that your first day of online learning went well. Did it feel like the first day of school for you? I've heard from plenty of teachers in the area that it felt like the first day for them. I know my daughter Katie was just as excited yesterday as she was for the first day of school. Her school started online learning yesterday and she is loving it so far. Hopefully you are, too!!!


I was hoping that our MML would be in video format starting today. However, I'm not quite satisfied with it yet. I'm going to work on it more today and hopefully we'll move to that sometime this week.


For our MML today, we are going to listen to For the Beauty of the Earth by English composer, John Rutter. John Rutter, who is 74 years old and living in England, continues to write amazing music. Most of his compositions have been for voices. This song is about something quite simple but is easily ignored...the amazing beauty that is all around us. Fun fact---this was the first choir song that I ever taught and conducted! It was back in 2002 while I was in college. I have no questions for you today. I just want you to listen and think about all of the beauty that is in the world around you!


Click here to listen --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlBkpAm3fhw (I found a recording on YouTube that has the lyrics on the screen for you!)


Click here to QUICKLY fill out the Google Form --> https://forms.gle/vX4V3dYGz2tXdpBj7 (You should do this every day that you listen.)


Have a great day!!! I miss you all!!!