Thursday, March 26

Hello everyone!!!


Today is going to be a BEAUTIFUL day!  I'll be very busy today preparing for some amazing music education that's going to happen over the next few weeks, so I'll be sitting on my back deck enjoying the sun and springtime warmth. I hope that you are going to be able to get outside and enjoy it, too! Just maintain that social distancing.  :-)


For today's MML, I wanted to have something fun. Really fun. After all, music should be fun for us, right?!


Today's MML is another video for you to watch. It is a song from the show Blast!Blast! was a combination of marching band and theater. It premiered in London, but also was on Broadway, did a stint in Florida, and produced multiple national tours. Fun fact---I am friends with someone who was a trumpet player in Blast!


Click here to watch-->


The song that you are watching/hearing is from the musical "West Side Story" and is called Gee, Officer Krupke. You are going to LOVE everything that you see today. Discuss as a family the following things...


- What would be the hardest part of performing in a group like this?

- What did you think was the coolest part? For me, it's definitely the trombone player riding the unicycle!  

- What do you think is the purpose of the white squares on the floor?