Wednesday, March 25

Here we are...half way through our week! I hope that you've enjoyed the music during our virtual MML! I'm very excited for some of the other virtual music offerings that I'll be able to share with you. Hopefully I'll have some information coming your way soon!!! 


If you wouldn't mind, could you all do me a huge favor?! Try to get other families to participate in checking out our MML! I'm looking to create some other really great things over the next several weeks for those that are able to participate.  :-)


For today's MML, we are going to listen to the same song as yesterday! Well, kind of. This is a different arrangement of the song performed by the group Pentatonix. This ensemble is made up of only vocalists. NO INSTRUMENTS. You may ask yourself, "What do you mean no instruments?!  I hear them!" No, you don't. All of those drum and bass sounds you are hearing are made from their voices!


Click here to watch! -->


No questions today. Just watch and enjoy!