Tuesday, March 24

Greetings Buffalo Families!


We all want to connect. Maybe that's connecting with more people at school, connecting with family, connecting with neighborhood friends. Regardless, I believe it is a human desire to connect to others around us. When thinking about connection, I can't help but think of my favorite musical of all time, Dear Evan Hansen. What a tremendous show! It's filled with some of the most poignant lyrics, amazing music, and a story that is both joyous and painful.


Today's MML is the song Waving Though A Window from that musical. Instead of just listening today, though, I wanted to provide you with some visual context as well. The link below is the cast of this show performing at the Tony Awards a couple of years ago. Please, make sure you watch until the end! You WILL NOT regret it!


Click here---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9rf5wFq3zk


After watching the video, talk about what you believe Evan (the main character who is singing) wants most. Do you ever feel like Evan? I know there are plenty of times that I do!