Monday, March 23

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope that you and your families had a great weekend together. 


I hope that, over the past several days, you've taken some time to just observe the world around you. There is so much beauty in our world! My family and I took a bike ride along the river last week. We stopped several times just to look at the world around us. It's amazing if you take the time to see it. 


One of the most beautiful times of day is dusk. The sun setting on another day while promising to rise again soon is something that can be viewed as not only beautiful, but reassuring, too! Today's MML is by composer Steven Bryant. This piece, Dusk, is one that some of you have listened to before in class. It is a musical representation of the beauty and reassurance of that moment.


You can find this piece, Dusk by Steven Bryant, on you favorite streaming service or by clicking this link


While you listen to this piece of music today, think of the following questions...


1. Is this an orchestra or a concert band? How do you know?

2. There are plenty of moments in this piece where there is silence. Why? What do you think that silence might represent? (I think it is kind of like those pauses in my bike ride...)

3. What sort of feelings do you get from listening to this?


The answers to last Friday's MML....

1. The piece Hoe Down was played by an orchestra! There was a string section made up of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Those are only found in orchestras.

2. The music, in my opinion, was definitely FAST!