Friday, March 20

Happy Friday! Then again, everyday is starting to feel the same, right?! I hope that you all have had the opportunity to enjoy some of the beauty in the world over the past several days. It has been so nice outside over the past several days! We went for a long walk in the woods a few days ago and went for a five mile bike ride two days ago. The little legs on my five year old were quite tired!


Yesterday's MML questions asked what type of group was playing. It was most definitely an ORCHESTRA playing yesterday. Today? Definitely NOT an orchestra...


Today's MML is by my favorite jazz saxophonist of all time, Charlie Parker.  Charlie Parker is known as one of the creators of the style of jazz known as bebop. During the 1920's and 1930's, swing music was incredibly popular. Not only was it fun to listen to, but people loved to dance to it, too! Charlie Parker was not a dancer. He wanted jazz music to be fast. REALLY FAST. 


Bloomdido is the name of the piece of music you'll hear today. You can find it on you favorite music streaming service or my clicking here -->


The recording obviously has more than Charlie Parker playing!

- What other instruments do you hear?
- Bebop music includes a lot of improvisation...or when musicians get to make up their music on the spot! When listening to this, listen for the parts that are clearly the melody and find the parts that are being improvised. You'll be able to figure it out!