Thursday, March 19

Hello! I hope that all of you are doing great! It has been a weird few days, right?!?! Even though we can't be together for a while, I wanted to bring some of our usual music class to you!

For our first at-home MML, I wanted to share some really fun and uplifting music. For generations, people have used music to help them navigate through times of uncertainty. We, and the times we are in, are no exception to this.

Today's MML recording is by American composer, Aaron Copland. He is best known for his orchestra pieces Appalachian Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man. Today's music we are hearing, though, is the song "Hoe-Down" from his ballet called Rodeo.

To listen, you can click this link --> OR you can search for the song in Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.

While listening today, ask yourself the following questions. I'll supply any necessary answers in tomorrow's MML! 

1. Is this being performed by a band, choir, or orchestra? How do you know?
2. Would you describe the tempo (speed) as fast, slow, or somewhere in between?
3. What is it about this piece of music that makes you like it? What makes you not like it?