Third Grade  


Third Grade students come to library once in a sixth day rotation. They are able to exchange books any day from 8:35 - 9:00 am. They do not receive a grade currently, but should practice the following skills to prepare for Fourth Grade:

  • Demonstrates an understanding of assigned objectives.
  • Demonstrates responsibility taking care of books and return on time.
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior in library.

There is no homework given in this class. All work is completed in class. 

Students can check one book for the first semester. During second semester will be allowed to have two books out at a time. Students that need to replace a book due to damage or loss can follow the procedures in our library policies. 

  • Class Schedule
    • Massart - Day 3
    • Cherosky - Day 4
    • Bearden - Day 5
    • Urik - Day 6
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