First Grade  

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First grade students start out the year reviewing what we have learned in Kindergarten. We then spend a large portion of the first of the year learning Fiction and Nonfiction in more depth. Once that is complete, we focus on different theme and author studies to end the year.

We follow these procedures/rules in our library

  We Are Respectful

  • We are quiet
  • We listen when an adult is speaking
  • We keep our tables/bins neat
  • We take turns
  • We share materials

  We Are Responsible

  • We take care of books
  • We keep the library clean
  • We follow all library rules

   We Are Ready to Learn

  • We choose books at our level
  • We use the 5 Finger Rule
  • We choose interesting books
  • We take turns in the library
  • Book Check Out

    They may bring their books back at anytime, but they are only allowed to get books on their first day of library for the new rotation.

    • Sypulski -  Day 1
    • Rumbaugh - Day 2
    • Miller - Day 3
    • Otterman - Day 4
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