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        In Kindergarten, we work on skills that range from learning how to care for a book to being able to tell if a book is fiction or nonfiction from a cover. Throughout the year we also work on learning the parts of a book and even study different authors.

We follow these procedures/rules in our library:

  We Are Respectful

  • We are quiet
  • We listen when an adult is speaking
  • We keep our tables/bins neat
  • We take turns
  • We share materials

  We Are Responsible

  • We take care of books
  • We keep the library clean
  • We follow all library rules

   We Are Ready to Learn

  • We choose books at our level
  • We use the 5 Finger Rule
  • We choose interesting books
  • We take turns in the library
  • Book Check Out

    They may bring their books back at anytime, but they are only allowed to get books on their first day of library for the new rotation.

    • Phillips and Barry - Day 1
    • Ortlip and Check - Day 2
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