Reading & Spelling


·        When no formal reading assignment (i.e. worksheet or project) is given, students are to read their independent reading material for 15-20 minutes. 

·        Students will be putting all of their notes and vocabulary words in their Reading folder or interactive notebook.  The following things will make up their reading grades:

o   Comprehension/Vocabulary Tests

o   Novel Packets

o   Vocabulary sentences

o   Interactive Reading Notebooks

o   Projects and activities

o   Homework

Ways to Encourage Your Reluctant Reader:

·        Make reading a rewarding experience / NEVER use it as a form of punishment.

·        Read with your child.

·        Go to the local library together.

·        Reward your child with a visit to the bookstore.

·        Take time to sit down and read for enjoyment.  Modeling is the best way to help your child become a lifelong reader!!

·        Talk about the books they are reading!


Late Reading Assignments: Homework assignments will be accepted the next day for ½ credit.  Any projects, book reports, novel packets, or notebooks that are late will lose TWO points per day until completed and turned in.



·        Each week the students will use morning work time to complete their spelling packet.  Any pages not completed by Thursday will be considered homework.  These pages are due upon arrival of the last day of the week. 

·        The spelling test will be given on Friday of each week.  If it is a 4 day week and there is no school on Friday, then the test will be on Thursday.  Any weeks shorter than 4 day will not have spelling.