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    Per Governor Wolf's order, all schools in the Freeport Area School District are closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  No events or activities will take place during the school closure, including over the weekends.  Remote instruction will continue in accordance with the District's Continuity of Education Plan.  Please visit the Updates for FASD Families page for information about grab & go meal distribution and for all of the latest news and information from the District.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

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5th Grade Discipline Plan

5th Grade Discipline Plan


Classroom Rules

·         Follow directions the first time given

·         No talking when the teacher or a fellow student is talking

·         Keep materials in their proper places and in the condition you found them

·         Be seated and working on morning work when the 8:50 bell rings

·         Come to class prepared with book, pencil, notebook and other required materials

·         Treat others as you want to be treated


Positive Support


Individual privileges and rewards:

  • Verbal praise
  • Individual rewards by homeroom teachers

Class-wide rewards:

  • Extra Recess
  • Prizes
  • Excused from an assignment
  • Other rewards may be agreed upon by the class

Corrective Actions


When a student breaks a rule…

First time:     Warning

Second time:   Stand with a teacher during recess

Third time:  Write a behavior reflection that is at LEAST 5 sentences, have guardian      sign it, and stand by a teacher at recess

Fourth time: After School Detention


Severe Clause:  If a student has severe behavior, the student will receive detention immediately, skipping all other steps.  Some examples of severe behavior would be: physical or verbal fighting, destroying property, or defiance.


*Each student will start with a “clean slate” at the beginning of every week