Homework Assignments

  • Homework is very important.  It is reinforcing what we are doing in class, not busy work.


  • Second graders are expected to spend time completing homework daily.
    • Homework may include:  worksheets with math problems, practicing math flash cards, writing, practicing, and orally reading vocabulary words, writing and practicing spelling words, reading “Take-home books” and other classroom books sent home, reading weekly story from the unit, daily reading – assigned or not. 


  • Your child should be able to complete it with little assistance.  Give help only when asked and never do the work for your child. 


  • You will be notified if work is not done on time.   

The following assignments may be assigned for Language Arts:

Day 1: Vocabulary List (Students will write and read the vocabulary words - parents please sign the vocabulary list.)

Day 2: Take-Home Book (Students should read the take-home book to a parent/guardian and parent/guardian should sign the book.)

Day 3: Write Spelling Words 2 Times Each (Students will write spelling words 2 times - parents please check to see the words are spelling correctly and written neatly.)

Day 4: Read weekly story and parents sign orange reading log. (Students will read the weekly story to a parent/guardian - parents sign orange reading log.)

Day 5: No language arts homework

Day 6: No language arts homework 


The following assignments may be assigned for Math: 

Students most likely will be assigned homework for math on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.