Rules and Guidelines

Physical Education


Class Rules: BEE honest  BEE kind  BEE helpful  BEE safe, have fun and work hard! 



Please make sure that your child wears sneakers on gym day, as well as comfortable clothing!

If your child is unable to participate, for any reason, please provide a note from you or your doctor.  If you child is unable to participate in PE class, they will not be able to participate in recess or extra curricular physical activites.  



Students in grades 4 & 5 will receive a P.E. grade each semester (twice a year). They will earn a +, / , - based on their performance in the following categories:



Physical Fitness


This specific grading category is based off of whether or not your child wears the appropriate shoes to class. While there is a good chance I will still permit your child to participate in the activity, without sneakers on, they are not able to give 100%. Each week they forget to wear sneakers they will receive an “X” in the gradebook. Once they earn three “X’s” they go from a (+) to a (/). If they accumulate more than three “X’s” throughout the grading period, they go down to a (-).


I determine whether your child receives a (+), (/), or (-) in this category based off of their behavior. If your child is almost always following directions, doing what they are supposed to be doing, and staying on task, they will earn a (+) on their report card. If they have to be told a couple of times throughout the grading period to get back on task, they will go down to a (/). If they arconsistently off task and/or distracting others from learning, they will receive a (-).

Physical Fitness:

ALL students will receive a (/) in this category on their first report card. At the start of spring, all of my classes (excluding Kindergarten) complete a series of 5 physical fitness tests. I use the results of these tests to help determine there mark.  Their final grade will not be based only on physical ability. 

Class Routines:

Grades 1-5 start each class running and/or walking laps

When the whistle is blown, the students line up at roll call number.  After I take attendance, I will explain what we are doing for the day.  The students will then go on the baseline and follow some basic locomotor movements.  To finsih the warm-up, they will report to a designated X on the floor and do the following exercises. 

25 jumping jacks

20 mountain climbers

15 squats

10 second plank

5 push-ups

Exercises are subject to change.  This warm-up/strength activities takes about 10 minutes.  The final 30 of class will be used to work on the skill/game of the day. 


What will we cover this year?


kicking, passing, goal tending


dribbling, passing, defending, shooting


passing, controlling, goal tending

Lifelong fitness activities:

jump rope, running, yoga/pilates, dynamic stretches, calisthenics

Fitness testing:

sit-ups, sit & reach, shuttle run, pull-ups, mile run


**The primary grades will also learn/review locomotor movements, balance activities, spacial awareness, cooperative         games, as well as much more!


5th Grade P.E. Club

P.E. Club is open to ALL 5th grade students.  Students are required to be at the school between 8:00-8:15. Please do not come any earlier or later.

P.E. Club is OPTIONAL. Students may come once, twice, every week, or not at all.

If numbers are high, P.E. Club will rotate weeks for boys and girls. Students will receive verbal reminders and it will be posted outside the gym on a bulletin board on whose week it is to attend.

Since this is optional and not a requirement, students may be asked to leave if their behavior does not follow school rules.

Activities for PE club will vary from week to week and the students will have a part in the decision making process.  




4th & 5th Grade Health

4th Grade Health

Chapters to Cover:

Your Needs and Feelings

Body Systems

Guarding Against Disease


Drugs and Your Health



5th Grade Health

Chapters to Cover:

Your Needs and Feelings

Food and Your Health

Fitness and Activity

Living in a Healthful Community

Drugs and Your Health

Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco



Grades will be given each SEMESTER (twice a year) and based on how many points have been gained for that semester.

Most of the assigned work will be done in class.  Only having health once every six days makes it difficult to go into much depth as well as having many test and quizzes.




Class Participation



Fact of the Week Record

Tests and Quizzes


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time regarding your child’s grades, behavior, or any concerns you may have!


You can also reach me during the school day at 724-353-9577 ext. 4520.  If you would like to schedule a conference, I am available every morning at 8:15.  Please email me or call to set a conference up.