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Honors Governemnt/Economics  

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     The "Honors Government/Economics” course is designed for the academically talented and/or gifted student, as well as the student, who has an intense interest in the study of government/economics and has shown a mastery of those particular subjects.


     This course emphasizes the abstractual/conceptual basis of the study of government and economics.  The dynamics of international, national, state and local government and economics are interrelated.  Also the processes of analysis and synthesis (written /oral) are stressed.


     Concrete examples/experiences/operationalizations are integral components of this course, giving the student the opportunity to study and to interrelate concepts with examples - in history and in contemporary governmental and economic situations.





     This course, a basic introductory unit in Political Science and Economics, is devoted to a survey of these disciplines as well as a study of ideas, practices, processes and institutions dealing with political and economic behavior.  Within this ambitious context, this course deals with a variety of principles and issues- both within a number of systems.  Implications of data for American government, politics and economics are considered throughout this study.

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