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    Per Governor Wolf's order, all schools in the Freeport Area School District are closed indefinitely.  No events or activities will take place during the school closure, including over the weekends.  Please visit the Updates for FASD Families page for information about grab & go meal distribution and for all of the latest news and information from the District.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

Close alert

Reading grades are generally comprised of comprehension and vocabulary assessments on reading selections (20 points each), "cold reads" (12 points each), reading packets (4-5 points each), mini-reading projects (10-20 points each), book sharing letters (30 points each), and signed reading bookmarks (1 point each).  During a novel unit, grades include comprehension and vocabulary assessments, novel packets, and various assignments.

            Assignments may be turned in late according to the following guidelines.  Homework is generally given 1-5 points; late homework must be turned in the next day for ½ credit.  Your child will be given a zero for homework assignments if they are not turned in the next school day.  Illnesses and absences will be taken into consideration.

           Additionally, projects that are late will have 10% of the final grade deducted for each day the project is late.  This includes, but is not limited to, writing assignments, book sharing letters, and weekly reading mini-projects.