Reading grades are generally comprised of comprehension and vocabulary assessments on reading selections (20 points each), "cold reads" (12 points each), reading packets (4-5 points each), mini-reading projects (10-20 points each), book sharing letters (30 points each), and signed reading bookmarks (1 point each).  During a novel unit, grades include comprehension and vocabulary assessments, novel packets, and various assignments.

            Assignments may be turned in late according to the following guidelines.  Homework is generally given 1-5 points; late homework must be turned in the next day for ½ credit.  Your child will be given a zero for homework assignments if they are not turned in the next school day.  Illnesses and absences will be taken into consideration.

           Additionally, projects that are late will have 10% of the final grade deducted for each day the project is late.  This includes, but is not limited to, writing assignments, book sharing letters, and weekly reading mini-projects.