Discipline Policy  

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Classroom Rules

1.  Follow all school rules

2.  Be respectful of other people and their belongings.

3.  Be responsible for school property, your property, and your actions.

4.  Be prepared for class.


If You Choose to Break a Rule (Daily Consequences)

First time:                          Verbal Warning

Second Time:                    5 minutes loss of recess

Third Time:                       10 minutes loss of recess

Fourth Time:                     Loss of recess

Fifth Time:                        Note/Call Home and Loss of all of recess

Sixth Time:                        Referral to Mr. Poleski


Privileges / Rewards

  • Praise
  • Positive notes home
  •  For homeroom:  “STAR CARDS” - Stickers/stamps on individual student cards to earn a trip to the prize box
  • For Miss Goldinger's class:  "APPLE CARDS" - Stickers/stamps on a group card to earn a trip to the prize box.
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