Language Arts

Students will be given five language arts tests for each lesson. These tests include spelling, phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. All tests, except for spelling, are comprised of 10 multiple choice questions. For the first nine-weeks (or longer), I will be reading all tests aloud to students. Language arts tests will typically be given on Days 5 and 6.

  • Spelling – Students write 16 spelling words and 2 dictation sentences. Dictation sentences are scored based on word count (1 point for each word in the sentence), capitalization, punctuation, and the correct spelling of spelling words.
  • Phonics – Students must have an understanding of letters or groups of letters and the sounds they make.
  • Grammar – Students will be tested on a grammar skill practiced throughout the lesson.
  • Oral Vocabulary – Students will be given an oral vocabulary test. The oral test will require students to read each vocabulary word aloud to me. I will also give a definition and ask students which vocabulary word matches. 
  • Vocabulary/Comprehension – Students are tested on their knowledge and understanding of their vocabulary words and the main selection. *I do allow students to use their book to look back in the story if they cannot recall the answer to a comprehension question. 


Students will be tested on each chapter. Students will be given a math vocabulary test and a math chapter test. 

Please see the weekly newsletter for a tentative test schedule.