Homework Assignments


  • Homework is very important. It reinforces what the students learn in class. 
  • Second graders are expected to spend time completing homework daily. I will typically assign homework every night except for Friday.
  • Homework will focus on math, language arts, and handwriting.
  • Each day, students will write their homework on the back of their behavior charts. You may check this or the newsletter to determine what your child’s homework is.
  • Please be available to help your child with his/her homework.
  • Students will only receive a reward for turning in homework if it is on time and signed by an adult. Please check and sign your child’s homework each night.
  • The following may be assigned for homework:
    • Vocabulary List: Vocabulary lists are copied on blue paper. Students must print each vocabulary word one time and practice reading the vocabulary words until they can be read quickly and easily.
    • Spelling: Spelling homework is copied on green paper. Students must print each spelling word two times. 
    • Reading Log: Students' must read the story from the current lesson to an adult. You may assist your child in reading his/her story if needed. After reading the story, please sign and return the log to school the following day. I will keep the logs and distribute them each time the lesson’s story is assigned as homework. 
    • Math: Students will complete My Homework pages from the math book. 
    • Cursive: Students will copy cursive letters, words, and sentences on a worksheet. Please encourage students to write neatly and form letters correctly.