Cybersecurity and the Law  

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Computers, the Internet, and mobile information technologies have become routine elements of our daily lives. The percentage of our social, professional, and political discourse mediated by information systems increases each year. Critical infrastructure likewise follows suit, with financial, healthcare, energy and other utilities leveraging the Internet to increase both capability and efficiency. In the physical world, we publish rules (laws) to govern our interactions with one another. These rules tell us what behaviors are permissible and what responsibilities we have to one another. In cyberspace, where these rules exist – and what they require – are less clear. This course explores questions surrounding how we "govern" cyberspace in the context of cybersecurity and privacy issues. We will examine a series of examples, both real-world and hypothetical, to investigate what policy "tools" are in-place, available, and should be available to address Internet security and privacy issues.

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