Daily Homework (Mr. Mitlo /Mrs. Planavsky)

Homework will be posted daily for both Mrs. Planavsky and Mr. Mitlo's classes.

Wed Oct. 15


Invasion of Mars Vocab test Thursday

Invasion of Mars Comprehension Test Friday

Spelling Test Friday




Please read the online handbook for spelling instructions.

If students get all the words correct on pretest they do not have to take final test Friday. They are still responsible for all assignments.  Students received a packet today that has all the spelling words for unit 1. They should keep this list at home. Spelling words can also be found in the Readers Notebook, or Journey's website.  The Journey's password is on my website.  For the first 9 weeks only, the students will be tested on the first 15 words of the list.  It will increase the 2nd nine weeks.


Next week we will start our sharing activities during our morning meetings. Students received a sharing calendar instructing them which day they are allowed to bring in something to share.  



Students will receive a poster and letter the week before they are the student of the week. They can complete this assignment at home.