Language (Writing and Grammar)

Language (Writing and Grammar)


What will my child be learning?

- Writing CAN be enjoyable!

- Stamina in writing

- The modes of writing: Narrative, informational, and opinion/persuasive

- Creative writing and poetry

- Grammar topics which will be applied to writings to help “spice” things up


How is my child’s grade determined?


- Effective use of the writing process

- Published/final writing pieces

- Notes taken in Writer’s notebooks

- Weekly writing prompts


- Notes taken in writer’s notebook

- Worksheets (in class and at home)

- Quizzes


What kind of homework should I expect to see?

- Most writings will be completed at school.  However, all students work at different paces.
 If a student has not completed an assignment in class, they may need to complete it at home.   
 In this instance it will be on Remind 101 and in their planner

- Study for grammar quizzes using grammar packet 

- Homework will be posted on Schoology


How will I know if my child is completing assignments?

  1. Check their writer’s notebook. Ask them to show you what they did that day/week. 
  2. Check PowerSchool.  I try to upload grades on a weekly basis (unless it is an extensive project which will take more time to grade)
  3. Please email me if you have questions or concerns about your child's progress