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About the Foundation

The Freeport Area School District Foundation (FASDF) is a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that will further expand excellence and innovation in the Freeport Area School District. FASDF will facilitate the financing of projects, educational and extracurricular program expansion, innovative educational projects and activities, student academic support programs and student scholarships.

FASDF will achieve this by seeking donations from individuals and businesses and conducting fundraising events in the community.  FASDF will be governed by a Board of Directors and ex-officio members consisting of representatives of all stakeholders of Freeport Area School District, including, parents, business leaders, community leaders, District administration, and Board members.

FASD Foundation Brochure

Our Goals

FASDF will focus on assisting the children in our community by supporting educational projects and events that are not paid for with tax dollars. Tax monies are typically more restrictive. The hope is that private dollars can help support programs and services that are typically not funded with tax dollars.  FASDF will also seek to solicit and manage student scholarship funds to provide post-secondary financial assistance for the graduates of Freeport Area High School. 

Giving to FASDF

There are many different reasons for giving:

  • To help local young people with educational programs
  • To support & strengthen the community
  • To honor or memorialize a loved one
  • To address estate & tax issues

Establishing a Named Scholarship

Generally, named scholarships are endowed in amounts of $10,000 or more.  Endowed scholarships maintain their principal and the scholarship is paid from the annual income generated.


FASDF is governed independently of the Freeport Area School District.  The School Board created the Foundation through Board action and approval of School Policy.  The Foundation then received approval from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) corporation and from the Pennsylvania Department of State as a registered non-profit organization.  FASDF operates under a set of bylaws that governs all Foundation activities.  

How You Can Help

Anyone can contribute to FASDF. Donations from individuals, civic groups, corporations and other nonprofits are welcome. As an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations to FASDF are tax deductible and help to support the growth and development of our students at across all grade levels.  All donations are managed and distributed at the discretion of the FASDF Board of Directors in accordance with yearly educational goals and objectives.

Get involved, and together we can help make a difference!  

To contribute to FASDF, contact: 

Amy O'Neill, Executive Director

(724) 230-6857

Freeport Area School District Foundation

PO Box 189, Freeport, PA  16229

All Checks made payable to Freeport Area School District Foundation