• This week’s student schedule:  Starting Monday, January 18th, all schools will return to their normal schedules.  Fridays will remain asynchronous for all students.  As a reminder, this Monday is an in-session school day for students.

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Computer Room

Welcome to the Elementary Lab Web Page. You can use this page as a starting point for your computing adventure. Click the links to the left to learn about our computer lab, find out what we are learning in class, see the technology syllabi, and access class-related resources. Let's have a Fantastic Year and Rember "Keep Smiling and have a Great Day"


Computer Ethics and Guidelines Contract
Each year you must read and sign the Computer Ethics and Guidelines Contract. By signing this contract you agree to follow the rules and guidelines established by the Freeport Area School District. The signed contract is kept in the office. You can read and review the contract by clicking on the following link. The contract is in a powerpoint format.   Computer Ethics and Guidelines Contract


Setting Up a Printer 
This section will be a quick review for the computer lab. This section will change occassionally based on items we are addressing in the lab. The following are the steps for setting up a printer. 1. Click "Start". -- Click "Devices and Printers" -- double click "Add Printer" -- click "Next" -- Press the second button (Network Printer) Click "Next" -- Press the "Printer not listed button" Type "\\fsd7\in the dialog box and -- Click "the printer you are selecting"-- Click "Next" --- Press "Yes" (default Printer) Click "Next" -- Click "Finish"


Mapping a Network Drive
Click the start button --- Right click on "My Computer" --- Select "Map Network Drive" Pick any drive letter except "X" or "Z" ---- In the folder box, Type the drive address [ for example -\\ps-test\6thport"your number" backup for the portfolio drive.] then click on "Finish"