2016-2017 Athletics Physical Information

Please note that athletics physicals may be performed by a student's regular physician and it is not a requirement that the physicals be performed by the school doctors.
Please refer to the information in the 2016-2017 Physical Forms packet, which is available at this link and in the Athletics Office.  
The 2016-2017 Physical Forms Recertification packet (for those students who have already submitted the full packet in the current school year but wish to participate in another sports season) is available at this link and in the Athletics Office.

Please contact the High School Nurse with any questions at (724) 295-5143, ext. 1253.

Letter from the School Nurse regarding 2016-2017 Athletics Physicals
Dear Parent/Guardian,
The spring sport season will officially begin March 6, 2017.  In order to prepare for the upcoming season and adhere to PIAA regulations, all student athletes are required to have necessary paperwork on file with the school nurse by February 24, 2017.  Therefore, you are being provided with this information now to afford ample time to schedule any appointments which may be needed.
Student athletes who DO NOT have a sport physical on file for the 2016/2017 school year will need to return a completed athletic physical packet. 
IF A SPORT PHYSICAL IS ALREADY ON FILE FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR, OR IF ONE IS RETURNED WITH THE DATE OF EXAM PRIOR TO January 23, 2017, ADDITIONAL FORMS ARE NEEDED.  These forms, referred to as a recertification, are completed by the parent/guardian.  If an injury or illness has occurred which required medical treatment, since the initial sport physical was done, then a doctor's clearance will be required before the student athlete may participate in practices or competitions
The health and safety of student athletes is of primary concern and every effort is made to ensure player participation in a timely manner. Completing these forms in their entirety, and returning them by the requested date, will prevent a potential delay in participation.  For your convenience, a checklist is provided in this packet.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Cyndi Jones
Secondary School Nurse
724-295-5143, ext. 1253