Freeport Area Music Boosters (FAMBA)

FAMBA Last Updated: 8/2/2021 6:47 PM

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2021-2022 School Year Meeting Dates

7pm General Membership in HS Chorus Room (Door #4)

Wednesday, September 8th 

Monday, October 4th

Thursday, November 11th

Thursday, February 17th

Monday, March 21st

Monday, April 25th

Monday, May 23rd 


FAMBA Board Members

Please contact a FAMBA Board Member if you have any questions/concerns: 

Mrs. Danielle Pomfret, President 

Mrs. Jill Kruse, Vice President  

Mr. Anthony Granata, Vice President 

Mrs. Dawn Brennan, General Accounts Treasurer 

Mrs. Lori Kibler, Student Accounts Treasurer

Mrs. Jennifer Bergad, Secretary 

Mrs. Deb Manzi, Secretary 


FAMBA Bylaws
See FAMBA Official Website, for review.

Items called for yearly revision at the May General Membership Meeting.