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    Per Governor Wolf's order, all schools in the Freeport Area School District are closed indefinitely.  No events or activities will take place during the school closure, including over the weekends.  Please visit the Updates for FASD Families page for information about grab & go meal distribution and for all of the latest news and information from the District.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

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POSITION    2019-2020 COACH

Head Football Coach

   John E. Gaillot Jr.

Assistant Varsity Football Coach (1)

   Todd W. Durand

Assistant Varsity Football Coach (2)

   Timothy E. Walters

Junior Varsity Football Coach

   Michael F. Brestensky

Assistant Junior Varsity Football Coach (1)

   L. David Brestensky, Jr.

Assistant Junior Varsity Football Coach (2)

   Kevin M. Hughes

7th & 8th Grade Football Coach

   Clint R. Crowell

Assistant 7th & 8th Grade Football (1)

   Craig M. Swiergol

Assistant 7th & 8th Grade Football (2)

   Curtis M. Hughes

Volunteer Varsity Football Coach (1)

   Vincent L. DeVivo

Volunteer Varsity Football Coach (2)

   Michael D. King

Volunteer Varsity Football Coach (3)

   Amos R. Schellinger

Volunteer Varsity Football Coach (4)

   Cody L. McClelland

Volunteer Varsity Football Coach (5)

   Robert F. Woods, Jr.

Head Volleyball Coach

   Thomas E. Phillips

Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach

   Lynzee A. Rooney

8th Grade Volleyball Coach

   Thomas E. Phillips

7th Grade Volleyball Coach

   Lynzee A. Rooney

Volunteer Volleyball Coach - 7/8 Grade (1)


Volunteer Volleyball Coach (2)

   Jamie S. Phillips

Volunteer Volleyball Coach - Varsity (3)

   Natalie J. Pollino

Volunteer Volleyball Coach - Varsity (4)

   Dana L. Pfaff

Head Cross-Country Coach

   Melissa B. Schaeffer

Volunteer Cross-Country Coach (1)

   Dana L. Pfaff

Volunteer Cross-Country Coach (2)

   Charles E. Sarver

Volunteer Cross-Country Coach (3)

   Joseph A. Zboran, Jr.

Volunteer Cross-Country Coach (4)

   Robert G. Livrone

Head Soccer Coach (Boys)

   David A. Teorsky

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

   D. Stephen Teorsky

Volunteer Boys Soccer Coach (1)


Volunteer Boys Soccer Coach (2)

   Patrick M. McNulty

Volunteer Boys Soccer Coach (3)

   Jonathan H. Morgan

Head Soccer Coach  (Girls)

   Brittni J. Grenninger

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

   Tahlon N. Kirkland

Volunteer Girls Soccer Coach (1)


Volunteer Girls Soccer Coach (2)


Head Golf Coach (Co-ed)

   Joseph V. Sprumont III

Junior Varsity Golf Coach

   James C. Fair

Volunteer Golf Coach (1)

   Samantha M. Bauer

Volunteer Head Hockey Coach

   L. Kelly Mason, II

Head Basketball Coach (Boys)

   Wayne M. Greiser

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

   Richard A. Macura, II

9th Grade Boys Basketball Coach

   Shawn W. Stivenson

8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach

   Michael E. Beale

7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach

   Craig M. Swiergol

Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach (1)

   Brady R. Sherrieb

Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach (2)

   Gage C. Clark

Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach (3)

   Ronald A. Grove

Head Basketball Coach (Girls)

   Fred C. Soilis

Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

   Mark Shemanski

8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

   Mallory K. Heinle

7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

   Ronald C. DeJidas

Volunteer Girls Basketball Coach (1)

   Sandra L. Mitchell

Volunteer Girls Basketball Coach (2)

   Lindsey M. Woods

Volunteer Developmental Basketball Coach (1)

   Eric J. Westendorf

Volunteer Developmental Basketball Coach (2)


Volunteer Developmental Basketball Coach (3)

   Antonette A. Urik

Volunteer Developmental Basketball Coach (4)

   Bruce Sullivan

Head Track Coach

   John E. Gaillot, Jr.

Assistant Track Coach (1)

   Robert G. Livrone

Assistant Track Coach (2)

   Dana L. Pfaff

Assistant Track Coach (3)

   Todd W. Durand

Assistant Track Coach (4)

   Robert F. Woods, Jr.

Volunteer Track Coach (1)

   Timothy E. Walters

Volunteer Track Coach (2)

   Michael F. Brestensky

Volunteer Track Coach (3)

   L. David Brestensky, Jr.

Volunteer Track Coach (4)

   Danika J. Durand

Volunteer Track Coach (5)

   Melissa B. Schaeffer

Volunteer Track Coach (6)

   Brian C. Welsh, Jr.

Volunteer Track Coach (7)


Head Baseball Coach

   Edward M. Carr

Junior Varsity Baseball Coach

   Joseph V. Panuccio

Volunteer Baseball Coach (1)

   Joseph T. Dougherty

Volunteer Baseball Coach (2)

   Derek J. Ritter

Volunteer Baseball Coach (3)

   Gary L. Siefert

Volunteer Baseball Coach (4)


Head Softball Coach

   Samuel O. Ross

Assistant Softball Coach

   Larry J. Meta

Volunteer Softball Coach (1)

   Jay T. Powell

Volunteer Softball Coach (2)

   John A. Radvan

Volunteer Softball Coach (3)


Volunteer Softball Coach (4) (statistician)

   Nichole R. Heasley

Volunteer Head Swimming Coach

   Nichole R. Heasley

Volunteer Swimming Coach (1)

   Janette R. Clark

Volunteer Swimming Coach (2)

   Sheryl M. Schrecongost

Volunteer Swimming Coach (3)

   Robert G. Livrone

Volunteer Head Lacrosse Coach (Boys)

   David P. Riley

Volunteer Boys Lacrosse Coach (1)

   Matthew J. Legin

Volunteer Boys Lacrosse Coach (2)

   Brennon D. Riley

Volunteer Head Lacrosse Coach (Girls)

   Tahlon N. Kirkland

Volunteer Girls Lacrosse Coach (1)

   Mayce E. Wonderling

Volunteer Girls Lacrosse Coach (2)

   Stephen B. Leonard

Volunteer Head Bowling Coach

   Thomas J. Livingston

Volunteer Bowling Coach (1)

   Shawn A. Cummings

Volunteer Bowling Coach (2)

   Daniele M. Livingston

Weight Room Monitor (1st Semester)

   Mark S. Wyant

Weight Room Monitor (2nd Semester)

   Mark S. Wyant

Equipment Manager

   Michael E. Beale

Volunteer Assistant Athletic Trainer (1)


Volunteer Assistant Athletic Trainer (2)