• All Freeport Area schools are closed for Summer Break.  Classes will resume on Wednesday, August 21.

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Athletics Mission and Philosophy

Freeport Area School District Athletic Department Mission Statement


The Freeport Area School District (FASD) Athletic Department will provide equal opportunities for students to participate in interscholastic athletic programs, benefiting from the many educational experiences of athletic participation.  The FASD Athletic Department will offer challenging programs that: address multifaceted needs of students; provide safe, well-prepared facilities; and employ a highly skilled coaching staff. As a unifying activity within the community, student-athletes will develop values and skills that will enhance their education and mold upstanding members of the community, modeling the attributes in the FASD Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.


Freeport Area School District Athletic Department Philosophy


The FASD Athletic Department believes that a well-developed athletic program is integral in the educational progress of students and serves to enhance social, physical, and educational development.  FASD will provide a comprehensive athletic program that is challenging and rewarding to the school’s student-athlete.  FASD will promote a program that teaches student-athletes the importance of being quality individuals properly prepared for athletic competition, proudly representing the community and school district in athletic competition, regardless of the outcome.


The FASD Athletic Department will adhere to the following belief system in achieving goals and objectives in athletic programs:


  • Promote athletics as an educational experience that is an extension of the classroom 
  • Promote sportsmanship, including accountability for all behavior and its outcomes
  • Encourage pride in athletic accomplishments, but never at the expense of demeaning another person or group
  • Enhance the concept of teamwork, minimizing the focus on wins and losses as sole factor of success
  • Encourage coaches, parents, and fans to be positive examples and role models to student-athletes in the spirit of fair play and competition
  • Champion the effort for safe and efficient facilities, appropriate equipment, and diverse opportunities for all student-athletes to excel


Participants in the FASD Athletic Department’s programs should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship. The development of good character and other important life skills should be at the forefront of student-athlete participation.  The highest potential of sports is achieved when student-athletes and their parents are committed to pursuing victory with honor, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good sportsmanship.