Contribution Options

Last Updated: 1/31/2022 3:41 PM


Memorial Gifts

Non-cash gifts

Donate securities, real property, tangible property or gifts in-kind.

Memorial gifts

These are gifts in memory of a departed loved one, birthday or anniversary.

Restricted gifts

These are designated gifts specifically applied to a current or future project.


Named Scholarships

Named scholarships can be established as one-time distributions or endowed funds.  Arrangements on amount distributed and conditions will be made to accommodate the donor’s wishes.


To contribute to FASDF, contact:

Bradley T. Walker, Business Manager, Freeport Area School District

(724) 295-5143, ext. 1226

Mailing address:  FASD Foundation, PO Box C, Freeport, PA  16229

All Checks made payable to Freeport Area School District Foundation