Homeless Students

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Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

Freeport Area School District guarantees all homeless children and youth a free and appropriate public education.  Homeless children and youth include those living with or without their parents in a shelter (temporary family shelter, domestic violence shelter, runaway shelter, transitional housing, hotel or motel, campground, car or on the street).  Also included are those children and youth temporarily living with relatives or friends (with or without their parents) because they do not have a fixed, regular, safe, or adequate place of residence.

If you have any questions about homelessness or would like to identify a potential homeless student, please feel free to contact me.


Donald W. Dell, Jr.
Homeless Coordinator
724-295-9510 ext 3050

Posted:  April 13, 2021



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Additional Resources:


Valley Youth House

Valley Youth House is part of an initiative currently working in several counties including Westmoreland, Armstrong and Allegheny to increase resources and housing opportunities for youth/young adults.  The goal of their program is to provide a safe, temporary, welcoming space and support services for youth/young adults and offer financial assistance to homes who are willing to help these youth in their time of need.  Valley Youth House is in need of individuals/families to be hosts. If you would like more information or know of a youth in need please contact Carol Dunlap, Host Home Supervisor.