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School Wellness Information

Last Updated: 2/27/2019 2:34 PM


School Wellness Policy

The Freeport Area School District recognizes a student's wellness and nutrition are directly related to their over all physical well-being, growth, development and ability to learn. In an effort to provide and promote student wellness and nutrition, the Board of Directors has developed a Student Wellness policy, providing recommendations and guidelines in accordance with State and Federal regulations.  To view the Student Wellness policy, please click on the link below.


Freeport Area School District Student Wellness Policy


Local School Wellness Committee

The Freeport Area School District has developed a panel of individuals to review and consider the best strategies and techniques for establishing good nutrition and promoting physical activity. This panel is comprised of, but not limited to, School Board members, district administrators, food service representatives, students, parents/guardians, school nurses, physical education teachers and members of the public.  For more information regarding the Local School Wellness Committee or to inquire how to become a member, please contact either: Mr. Patrick Scott, Assistant Principal - (724) 295-5141, Ext. 1259, or email scott@freeport.k12.pa.us  or Ms. Cassandra Mielke, Food Service Director - (724) 295-5141, Ext. 1252, or email mielke@freeport.k12.pa.us.


Local Assessment and Implementation of Local School Wellness

The Freeport Area School District is continually working on implementing and promoting School Wellness and all required assessments will be posted when available.


The Wellness committee met on February 26, 2019, to review the wellness policy including the implementation and promotion of the policy.  Please see the meeting sign in sheet as well as the wellness goals that were reviewed and discussed during the meeting.