7th Grade General Music


Music Mash Up Project: 


Example Mash Up 



JFK Speech Project: 


Kennedy Speech - Link to American Rhetoric website with video, transcript, and audio for download.


Recording of Speech - Right Click and select "Save Target As" and save to your Z Drive!


Speech Transcript 


JFK Project Rubric 


Project Directions 



Beatles Music Project:


"Hello Goodbye" 


"Hey Jude" 


"Let It Be" 


Beatles Project Instructions 


Beatles Project Rubric


What are we doing in music class?

Students are becoming familiar with audio editing through the use of Audacity and Mixcraft projects. The first project is to rewrite JFK's inaugural address from 1961.

After students finish with the JFK project, they will edit TWO Beatles recordings into small, 30-second clips. These would be suitable for use in a commercial or some other setting where the music would need to be short, but also recognizable.  




   Click here for the General Music Syllabus for 2016-2017. Syllabus