Welcome to the Freeport Kindergarten Center! 
Jeffrey Lesko, Principal 
The Freeport Kindergarten Center is located on one acres site in downtown Freeport. Good access to the school is available and parking spaces are provided.  A paved play area serves as the recreational facility.  The structure is a two-story building built in 1954, with an addition built in 1987.  The school enrolls about 150 kindergarten students.
The instructional program is progressive in nature, with an extensive computer technology component in the curriculum for kindergarten. Art, music, library, and physical education services are furnished by special personnel. A reading improvement program provides specialized help through Title I funds to qualifying students. Libraries and health rooms are located in each building with nursing services provided. The services of a guidance counselor are available. Children who have special needs are serviced in a Mixed Category Resource Room.

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